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​​​GALERIE de la Terre

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Tsavorite and Maw Sit Sit Ring by our friend and designer Randy Polk.

Ethiopian opal and multi-colored sapphire pendant in 14k white gold.

Welcome to our Custom Jewelry page.  If you love colored gemstones and high-quality diamonds we would like to be your jeweler.  We offer a large selection of beautiful colored gems including sapphires, rubies, tourmalines, spinels, garnets and more. We source worldwide through some of the largest gem houses and best cutters, so we can locate whatever you want at a fair price.  We can also custom cut gemstones for you from your gem rough or from rough that we acquire from gem miners and cutters that we have dealt with for many years. We have sources in Brazil, Sri Lanks, India, Hong Kong, Israel, Pakistan and other gem centers worldwide.

Our designers use high-quality diamonds, E, F, and G color primarily, with clarity ranges from SI1 to flawless, according to you needs and budget.

Our staff all have 20 years or more experience in the jewelry and gemstone industry, so you will deal with knowledgeable and talented professionals. We would love to sit down with you to discuss your needs and design ideas.

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Some of our recent custom designs.


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